What is a Stock Screener

October 15
stock screener

Sorting out the good stocks isn’t that easy. Usually it is hard to separate the useful information from the worthless ones. Luckily, there is tool called a stock screener that helps you find the stocks that interest you and meet your standards.

A Stock Screener is a financial tool used to filter the stocks that are based on the metrics the user defines. A stock screener has three components: a database of stocks, a set of variables and a screening engine. The screening engine selects the stocks that have the selected variables and generates matches.

Usually, investors use screening tools to sort out stocks that perform well over time. Active traders use stock screeners to discover high probability set-ups for short-term positions.

Users can select as many filters as they want. If more filters are used, fewer stocks will be sorted out by the screener. Investors and traders may analyze several stocks in a short period of time being able to remove the stocks that are not suitable for them and concentrate on the stocks based on user-defined metrics.

Stock screeners can be found on many trading platforms that allow the users to select certain financial criteria. For example, users can screen stocks by price, average volume, market capitalization, dividend yield, index, sector, exchange, average volume, current volume, etc. ggfinances offers you a stock screener that allows you to search using just about any metric or criterion you wish. Select all your required points on the screener and you will get the list of stocks that meet your requirements.

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