Three Important Ingredients for Successful SEO

October 1
three important ingredients for successful SEO, page title and meta description

There exist several ways and methods for making a good SEO for your website. But still you should take into consideration that the most important and basic SEO steps: proper keywords, unique page titles and Meta descriptions.

First, do keyword research. Keywords are the first important ingredients. They are the words that are typed when searching on search engines such as Google. Choosing keywords is not so difficult. All you should do is to think about what people would type into search engines to find your website. You can ask others (friends, relatives, etc.) what they would search on the Internet for the product that your company sells.

Then you can use keyword research tools such as Google Adwords keyword tool. This is a free keyword tool that shows all statistics of how many people search specific words and terms. Keyword tools help you find the best keywords for your products with high search results and minimal results for competitors.

The second important ingredient in SEO is page title. Page titles of your website tell search engines what the page is about. It is like the headline of an article or the title of a book. Your page title can contain a maximum of 70 characters, things such as: business name, product, and keywords. It is placed near the top of the HTML code of the page. Every page of your website should have a unique title. This helps search engines know how a page differs from the others on your site.

The content of the page title is shown in search results and appears in the first line. The title words are bold; this helps the users understand if the page is handy for their search.

The next important SEO factor is Meta description. This factor gives the readers and search engines some information about the site. Meta descriptions might contain one or two sentences or even a paragraph. Like page titles, Meta descriptions are also put in the “<head>” tag of HTML document. Your description should be 155 characters or less.

Usually Meta descriptions tell search engines what your page or website is about. So if you want search engines to understand your site, you need to write good descriptions. Good description’s will not only help Google understand your site but also will grab more people’s attention and entice them to click on your title.

Always write interesting and unique descriptions for each of your pages. As with your page titles, your Meta descriptions should contain unique content on each page. makes it easy for you. When you have everything ready, all you need to do is go on admin page on constructor. Choose pages and then double click on the page you wrote. Just simply fill out the fields for page titles and Meta descriptions.

Yes, these Meta tags play a big role in helping your site get noticed by search engines. Follow them to get the success you expect.

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