How to Create a Blog with ggfinances

September 24
how to create your blog with ggfinances, how to blog

ggfinances is a free professional publishing platform specialized in the financial field. It is simple, fast and flexible with great features that help you make your blog as pleasantly professional as possible. 

To start blogging you need to open a ggfinances account.

1. Head over to All you need to do is to enter your email, password, username and the name of your new blog.

2. Choose a unique name for your ggfinances blog making sure that no one has used the user name. The address of your blog will be the Note, that you can always change your blog name if there is the need. At the end click create my account.

3. Design your blog however you feel. Create as many pages as you need by clicking the button with the (+) sign. You can also upload any picture you want. Put this picture in the header and set it as a logo for your ggfinances blog.

4. Now start to post your blog.

How to Post an Article in ggfinances

After creating your account, you need to build the content of your blog. Start it following these steps.

1. Sign in to and click on: start blogging.

2. On the left side see the objects. To insert an object just click on the object on the left. It will insert on the top left corner. Then drag it to the location you want.

3. To write an article, click on: article object. Double click on the article window, choose the quantity of articles you want to appear in that window and save. After this, go to admin page and add article.

4. Write the title. Fill the description box. You had better do it after writing the article.

5. Begin writing your article in the content box. If you are bored with common texts, you can change your background color, text format, size and color. Upload a picture to make your post more appealing.

6. Be careful when writing the URL and keywords of your article. This is so important for your blog’s SEO.

ggfinances offers  many other themes, too. Set the market index in your blog. It is a big plus for a financial or business blog. Use the chart theme or any ticker you want. Enrich the usefulness and design of your blog using currency converter.

How to Make Your ggfinances Blog Popular 

You have designed your blog, posted your news, thoughts and ideas and now it is time to make the blog more popular and noticeable. Here are some steps for doing this:

1. First, write page titles and Meta descriptions of your blog. Research suitable keywords when creating them. This step helps your blog to be noticed by search engines. (You can fill this out by going to admin page and double clicking on the page name).

2. Make your articles with good titles and keywords. Your powerful words will catch people’s attention and pull them in. Providing useful information will call more visitors and will never bore your readers.

3. Share your articles on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, stocktwits, etc.

4. Link your ggfinances blog to another blog. You can link exchange with another blog.

You are Ready to Blog

Now that you're a full fledged ggfinances user, you know all the main steps for blogging here. By the way, never forget that the key for a successful blog is creativeness and uniqueness. Build your blog, work for your community and enjoy your success. 


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