Introduction to ggfinances chart platform

July 10

We provide great chart platform for our users with extensive tools to do right choice in this uncertain market conditions. You can easily access to our chart by selecting chart button on a main menu or by this link Below is the snapshot of our chart. Here we are going to explain how to use our charts.


Figure 1.1

On figure 1.2 we put numbers from 1 to 10.

ggchart toolbar

Figure 1.2

1. Simply type stock ticker here that you looking for.
2. Here you can select the time intervals for your chart.
3. We have huge selection of indicators that you can use by just a clicking on this and selecting the indicator you looking for. It will show up below your chart.
4. Here you can select which index or stock you want to compare with your current chart.
5. Choose the type of chart that you want to use for your analysis. (candle, line, bars and so on)
6. Using this you can customize your chart, change the background color,style scale and so on.
7. When you are logged in you can just type the stock ticker you want to watch and press enter. it will add that stock to your watchlist on top right corner.
8. Shares in G+
9. Shares in Facebook
10. Shares in twitter.

On a left side of the column we have tools to draw lines, shapes, add a text and much more. On figure 1.3 there is a snapshot one of the tool selection.

By clicking on a small arrow on a button it opens drop down menu with tools selection.

      drawing tools on ggcharts


On a right side there are 3 sections (Figure 1.4)
1. Watchlist where you can add the stocks you follow and see it on your screen
for this you have to register in our website. It is free. Just have to put your email
and create a password. We are not going to send you spam emails or share it
with anyone.
2.Here you can find some fundamental information about company for more information
simply click on Show More and it will pop up new window with more information.
3. This is a “Stocktwits market pulse” which shows latest tweets about selected stock

ggchart watchlist

Figure 1.4

One of our best tools is the snapshot. After you have done some analysis, drew lines, pivot points, support and resistance lines and much more, most likely you would like to save it. With this tool you can make a snapshot of everything you have done and save it. You can also share it with your friends via facebook, g+ or Twitter.
Tool is located on top left corner right next to logo. (Figure 1.5)

gg finances snapshot

Figure 1.5

If you have any questions about any of our tools feel free to contact us.

We are here to help you make a better decision.

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