Avoid SEO Mistakes

October 28
avoid SEO mistakes

For getting traffic all you need to do is to optimize your blog for the search engines. Most of us usually make mistakes when it comes to SEO.  Never forget if you stop making the common mistakes, the number of your readers will increase.

When you are working on your blog traffic, you have to optimize it. For this purpose you must master the SEO skills and know the SEO details to be successful.

Many people make mistake concerning SEO. And if you start avoiding these common mistakes, everything will be ok and you will have more readers.

One of the most common SEO mistakes is the keyword stuffing. The bloggers use the keywords which they like, overusing their posts. In the end search engines penalize the blog for these keywords.

Optimizing only for Search Engines is also a serious mistake. Search engines usually check to be sure that the websites and blogs are optimized for them. They also check to be sure that the blogs and websites are optimized for the readers, too. This means that you need to have qualified contents and update your website very often. You have to show a good user experience and limit the advertisement. Or else the search engines will leave your blog on the last rows.

Never use poorly coded themes! They will also disserve you when doing your SEO. You will never be able to move up your rank if a search engine cannot correctly crawl your blog. To avoid this use only highly qualified themes coded by professionals. Otherwise the last place in the search engine rankings is yours.

Most people don’t understand that interlinking between your posts actually increases your SEO. Google sees your site as an authority in your niche, when you interlink between posts. This will give you some extra weight in rankings in the search engines.In order to understand this, let’s study this example.  Let’s say you run a blog about cats. You create a post about cat`s behavior, and you include a link to a post you wrote, exhibiting how cats behave when they are ill. It will give you some extra clout with Google.

Remember that you should use good anchor text when interlinking blog posts. Never just say “Click Here”. Always use proper keywords. If you are making this kind of mistakes, you are causing damage to your SEO campaign. Take the time to correct mistakes, so that you can start moving up in the search rankings.

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