About Us
Vladimir Harutyunyan and Khachatur Grigoryan have started development of ggfinances in 05/12. Two friends from high school decided to create something great, to make things more transparent, easy to use and fun in financial world. Website was published on 10/14/12. is a tool for every aspect in finance and investments. Everyone who is interested in trading, investing, learning, creating a financial blog, practicing trading, promoting their business in finance and investment, building reputation around investors and traders or just simply having fun can use This is a place for people with every level of education and experience, from students to professional portfolio managers. has the following main sections:
  • Blogging platform
  • Stock market game
  • Stock screener
  • A financial communications platform for the investing community (ggtips)
  • Chart platform
  • Educational section - Learn How
Blogging Platform
Our blogging platform is specialized in financial field and is mainly for professional bloggers. With ggfinances people can start their own website or blog for their financial, investment or similar businesses. It can be used by individual bloggers, the authors of the books about finance and trading, and so on.
You can find everything you need for creating a special financial blog in this platform. It gives amazingly easy ways to create individual sites with unique design. ggfinances offers such themes as stock charts, stock screener and earning calendar. It also has main article stream, where articles appear. So it suggests everything you need to plan and publish about investment, finance and trading and make a site that meets your goals.

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Stock Market Game
This game is proposed for people who want to learn about stock market. It is a very good practice to start investing and trading with virtual money and don’t lose real money by jumping into stock market without any experience. This is a good place for experienced traders also. Any time you have a new strategy in mind, that you think should be a winner try in the game first. After you are sure it is really working, use it with your real money. Our game is a great place to learn from other traders. Find out what leading traders are buying, study their tactics, ask them questions, share your ideas and tech others. Our game is integrated with most popular social networks, so you can share your trades ideas and achievements with your friends outside our game.

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Stock Screener
gfinances has a easy to use stock screener. This is a great tool for everyone to find the right company to invest. Select the metrics that fit your the best with your strategy and pick the right one from the screened list. If you are not sure, want to observe a little more before making a decision, then add it to your watchlist straight from your screener. You can also share the list with your friends via social networks or by sending them the link. This is a very good tool and it is integrated with the game and chart platform.
A financial communications platform for the investing community (ggtips)
Our system is designed to provide best tools for our users to succeed. One of those tools is our ggtips. Users can access this tool on game page. Here you can write your idea or question and other users will answer, just like in other social networks. All users have their profile. In profile page you can see other users’ articles(they published in their blogs), portfolios in the game, trade history, returns and so on.
Chart Platform
Here you can find a lot of cool tools to do technical analysis. We have all major technical indicators. After you do your tech analysis you can take a snapshot and save your work, add the stock to your watchlist, make a trade in our game and so on.

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Educational section - Learn How
This section has two subsections: Education and Learn How. In educations section you can find a lot of information about investing, trading, analysis and so on. The best way to start your journey in investment world, to educate yourself. People, who are just starting, can start from here, gain some knowledge, then put their knowledge to work in our game and see how well they understand the market. On the page “Learn How” you can find everything about blogging, how to blog for free, how to use our blogging tools, how to use the chart platform and many other things.

All our products are highly integrated together and providing a great combination.
Our team works with pleasure and has created ggfinances for the community. Join our community learn, teach, analyse and make money.