Who are
the premium players?
The Premium players are the best traders in
ggfinances game selected by ggteam.
How do we select
the premium players?
When players reach 100% return.
Make over 30 trades.
If 70% of the trades were profitable.
How the
cash prizes work?
When premium player closes a trading day with
over 50% return, he or she receives $50.
More about cash prizes.
When premium player closes a trading day with over 50% return, he or she receives $50. Every time the returns goes over another 50%, the player gets another $50. For example, when the portfolio return goes from 150% to 200%, the player receives $50. The traders that reach a 500% return will receive a one-time $500 bonus. After that, the bonus goes back to $50 per 50% till it reaches 1000%. When trading day is closed with over 1000% return the trader receives a $1000 cash prize. After achieving 500% and 1000% returns, the player will receive a special badge. When 1000% is reached, your account will be reset to start from the beginning, but your badge and trading history will be retained.
Why should you
become a premium player?
Our premium players are enrolled to receive real cash prizes. They will have a badge on their profiles, so our community recognizes the best. If you decide to pursue your career in trading, you can show your achievements in paper trading to your future employer.
If you stop playing the game for over a month, your premium status will be terminated. If you reached 500% or 1000% returns, your badges will be retained even if you do not hold premium status. Every time your return goes over an additional 50%, you have to beat that return by another 50% to receive the prize. For example, if your return reaches 240%, then goes down to 97%, then back to 240%, you will not receive prizes for 100% to 200% returns. You will have to close over 250% in this case, because your last highest bonus return was 200%.

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